We advise and support your company, your team or management in areas of personnel, team and organizational development as well as coaching and mediation in conflicts.

  1. Personnel Development

    Together with you, we develop tailor made programs and offers for your company and your teams. It is essential that we understand your goals, tasks, corporate culture and specific challenges. As a result, we support you in the development of your targeted area.
  2. Team Development

    A well-functioning team has two key advantages. It generates a higher output and also brings work satisfaction due to a positive office environment. However, working teams do not fall from the sky. We help you form a team with synergy or constructively resolve office conflicts.
  3. Organizational Development

    An organization is not a rigid entity but a system that is constantly in motion. This transformation must be formed, guided and coached. In this demanding role, it is important to direct the group as well as the involvement of each individual. We support you every step of the way.
  4. Coaching

    Leadership is often hectic and action driven. Creating spaces for reflection is a key to successful and professional leadership. We use personal coaching, professional development, and strengths-based strategies to generate exceptional results in life and work for our clients.
  5. Coaching for Expats

    Relocating to a new environment may bring overwhelming changes and challenges. Coaching facilitates the adaptation to the new life and situation faster and easier. As a coach, we accompany and support you in redefining and establishing yourself.
  6. Conflict Resolution / Mediation

    Conflicts are normal and inevitable. If left unresolved, they make life difficult and rob us of time and energy. We moderate conflict discussions and support you in working out mutually viable solutions, bringing the cooperation into a positive flow.
  7. Workshop for Football Clubs

    It takes a lot of training for the ball to roll and score a goal. In addition to the sporting aspects, soft factors also play an important role. We provide training for football coaches to help stay on top of the game in communication and conflict management.