Goal setting

Leaders are constantly confronted with specific problems for which there are no universally valid solutions e.g. conflicts with a coworker, confrontations in teams, insecurity in one’s own leadership behavior along with difficult framework conditions in the organization. Coaching allows you to take a break and reflect on the current situation outside of hectic everyday life. The aim is to shed light on the pending problems from different angles, work out concrete options for action and simultaneously initiate personal development.


  • We clarify the initial situation with you and regulate the definite procedures. If coaching is initiated by a superior, he/she will be included in the initial meeting.
  • In 4 to 10 individual sessions of 2 hours each, we work on current problems, reflect on previous behavior and develop alternative options for action.
  • The coach gives you support for reflection, supplemented by an objective external point of view of the situation, personal feedback and professional input.

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