Team Development

Goal setting

Nowadays, many tasks and assignments are taken over by teams. The quality of cooperation is therefore of great importance. Consequently, the aim is to continually improve the quality either by establishing a constant process in the learning of the organization or promoting a constructive approach to conflicts. We provide you with the solutions.


  • Evaluation:
    • We clarify the actual status with the superior and agree on the concrete steps.
  • Actual analysis:
    • We analyze the situation using interviews and or questionnaires.
  • Workshop:
    • In a workshop, we reflect on the analysis of the situation, and in conjunction with the team, work on identifying the problems. At the end of the workshop concrete interventions will be outlined.
  • Implementation:
    • This is followed by the implementation phase, during which the team implements the agreed measures in everyday life.
  • Follow-up workshop:
    • In a follow-up workshop, we review the current status with the team and, if necessary, take further action.

We support you, as a supervisor, throughout the entire process. There are evaluations after each step in which we give feedback and recommendations to assist self-reflection.

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