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Workshop for Football Clubs

Goal setting

The core task of training a junior football team is to help children and adolescents improve their athletic performance as well as social skills. In addition to the actual training and playing matches, the coaches are also in contact with parents and guardians, other coaches as well as other members of the club. Often, trainers are confronted with difficult situations and ideally need to communicate as skillfully, constructively and effectively as possible. As this is a requirement beyond ball playing, the clubs can support and train their coaches in this area.


Interactive and hands-on event for coaches, officials and board members of football clubs on the subject of «Communicating in awkward situations- dealing with conflicts».


  • In a preliminary discussion, we outline the details such as special topics, participants and organizational matters with the responsible people (president, board, junior trainer).
  • The training usually takes place on site at the clubhouse.
  • The offer can be adapted to other sports.

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